Student Login is Not Permitted at This Time

[ABJ - Main Floor - Grades 9 and 10] [ABJ - Second Floor - Grades 11 and 12]

Welcome to the on-line locker management system for Archbishop Jordan Catholic High School.


Monday, August 22th           8:30AM           Grade 12

Monday, August 22th         13:00PM           Grade 11

Tuesday, August 23rd          8:30AM           Grade 10

Please Note: Students in Grades 9 will be assigned their lockers.  Locks will be on the lockers.  The combinations and locker numbers will be on the Grade 9 schedules available for pick up on the assigned registration date. 

* Returning Grade10, 11, and 12 students should bring their assigned school lock from last year, or they will need to purchase a new one for $10.50.  Only school issued locks are allowed on lockers.

Student accounts have been created for access to the system. Your student number is your user id and your initials and student number are your password.  For example Adam Smith with student number 123456 would have a password of "AS123456".  Student will be prompted to create a new password at first login.